Monday, December 14, 2009

This article is from the Toronto star titled ’10 crazy New year’s rituals’. It goes on to talk about 10 rituals from different geographical area’s and bizarre traditions that various places have.
1) Spain
- At midnight it is a sign of good luck to eat 12 grapes quickly to have good luck for each month of the following year. Quite the bizarre superstition, but perhaps I’ll give it a try this year.
2) Central and south America
- The wearing of different colour underwear signifies what is to come for the new year. Example is red is for love and yellow is for money. I’ll be sure to have my red and yellow underwear on for the New Year.
3) Finland
- By putting a casting molten tin into water people in Finland interpret the shape of the metal after it hardens. Such as a ring signifies marriage or a ship means travel. Quite the interesting thing to try.
4) Philippines
- Similar to Spain round fruit is thought to bring good luck so in the Philippines its not upcoming for people to eat exactly 12 fruits at midnight to show a sign of good luck.
5) Belarus
- Unmarried woman play games to see who will get married next. Example is a pile of corn is put infront of every woman and a chicken is set loose. The first pile that is approached signified who will get married next.
6) Denmark
- Standing on chairs and jumping off them at midnight is very common in Denmark, as it signifies banish spirits and bring good luck. Not sure how safe being drunk on top of a chair would be.
7) Scotland
-some folks swing giant fireballs around poles to show a faith of good luck. Also playing with fire while drunk is not the best of idea’s. Trust me.
8) Japan
- It is tradition to watch a music tv show called red and white song battle, in which the audience decides who is the winner, The white (men) or the red team (woman)
9) Panama
- Munecos are burned in a bonfire, to represent the old year burning along with evil spirits. Apparently lots of people like playing with fire when their intoxicated.
10) Estonia
- The tradition is to eat seven meals on new years day to show that there will be abundant food. Quite contradictory though.

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